It has been a year since I ever thought of writing. So, this year has given me a lot to talk about. To share my experiences this year, I prefer to do it through my photography. I don’t have the photographs, so this year ahead will be my journey to take them, so as to explain my previous year. Seems like a perfect plan, eh? I never planned in my life, maybe because I have seen them work very weakly. But, this time my holidays have to go perfect, and I have thought of planning my travels and stuff. Let’s see if it works, if not, we know the lesson. If it does, I will be learning a lot anyways.

I will make sure of getting better with every article. You’ll see how I am not used to writing, but this blog will help me get better at it. I hope, I wish? What’s the right way to say it? We’ll keep this blog interactive, feel free to comment your views. It’ll help me a lot. A lot.

This is not going to be just my journey, you’ll be a part of it, if you follow. You might have seen travel blogs, photography blogs, literature blogs and stuff, but this time – I am a beginner, and maybe you haven’t come across a blog which starts from scratch doing nothing but start this journey.

Start to never to stop, or just try. see? I am trying to be as honest as possible, or I can say “transparent” is the right word. Let’s not give ourselves false hopes of never actually stopping this, but we can try not to. This is not demotivational​ for me, it’s just the way I have been living, pretty much always realistic. We’ll try. Good that we’ve started, that’s all it takes to do stuff.

So, that was just a note on what I want to do. In short​ – take photos, write about them. Funny that this post won’t have any photos, because as I said, the journey has started, it is about getting new pictures and try telling stories with them. It’ll be an exciting journey for me, I will try and make sure it stays equally interesting to you too.

Start 🙂