It has been a year since I ever thought of writing. So, this year has given me a lot to talk about. To share my experiences this year, I prefer to do it through my photography. I don’t have the photographs, so this year ahead will be my journey to take them, so as to explain my previous year. Seems like a perfect plan, eh? I never planned in my life, maybe because I have seen them work very weakly. But, this time my holidays have to go perfect, and I have thought of planning my travels and stuff. Let’s see if it works, if not, we know the lesson. If it does, I will be learning a lot anyways.

I will make sure of getting better with every article. You’ll see how I am not used to writing, but this blog will help me get better at it. I hope, I wish? What’s the right way to say it? We’ll keep this blog interactive, feel free to comment your views. It’ll help me a lot. A lot.

This is not going to be just my journey, you’ll be a part of it, if you follow. You might have seen travel blogs, photography blogs, literature blogs and stuff, but this time – I am a beginner, and maybe you haven’t come across a blog which starts from scratch doing nothing but start this journey.

Start to never to stop, or just try. see? I am trying to be as honest as possible, or I can say “transparent” is the right word. Let’s not give ourselves false hopes of never actually stopping this, but we can try not to. This is not demotivational​ for me, it’s just the way I have been living, pretty much always realistic. We’ll try. Good that we’ve started, that’s all it takes to do stuff.

So, that was just a note on what I want to do. In short​ – take photos, write about them. Funny that this post won’t have any photos, because as I said, the journey has started, it is about getting new pictures and try telling stories with them. It’ll be an exciting journey for me, I will try and make sure it stays equally interesting to you too.

Start 🙂

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Imagination has a boundary. And, I can't imagine it.

18 thoughts on “Start

  1. Continue doing it le….all de best u hVe just thought out of box n u have searched ur inters …just don’t drop dis in middle …go on bro it

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  2. Hey Shreyas, congratulations on starting this new blog! I know you are going to share a lot of value on the pages and posts of this blog, and it’s going to grow into a huge massive value for you.
    Now get busy filling out the pages of your blog, share your story, share your vision and your mission, and start sharing your value on your blog posts!
    Before you start marketing your blog it’s important that have a way to capture the emails of your visitors in multiple places. Check your email for more training.
    If you need any help please let me know. Cheers to you building a successful start!
    Deepesh Singh
    P.S. You can delete this post of course 🙂

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  3. […] I was way too anxious when I started the blog. Whether I am happy, or sad. Whether I am from Mars, or earth. Whether I really wanted a degree, or just the skills would do. I did not have any answer to replace the alternative option to engineering. But, it turns out to be more than just the uncertainty in choices for a career. I cannot depend on any single field to keep me going. The doubts in choices of my career, at that age could have been just too much for myself. This doubt somehow led to me doubting myself, the relationships and my worth. All I knew was the fact that I liked photography. And, that’s when I started. My first post literally has the title Start. […]


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