What ‘movies’ mean to me?

Movie Posters

Everyone loves to talk about the one thing they love to do, or even if they just admire the work being done by someone else. In my case, I love to tell stories. To which, I have selected ‘screenplay’ as the medium – which will lay out in the dust of my cupboard in hopes of some day being filmed. To write screenplays, you need to get down and dirty with other screenplays which already exist. There are some of the finest screenplays out there, and a few of them which have also won the Academy award.

If you were to ask me about movies two years ago, I’d just have the basic feeling expressed of loving them or even hating a few bits of the process that goes into making a film. But now, I am not at all anxious when it comes to such questions. I will with no doubt, answer my admiration to the process of making a film. And, even realise that I struggle to be a part of the process itself.

Which means, the answer to the title of this post would have been different two years ago from now. Let us stick to the present, for now.

Movies are creations of what we may call, a different approach to the reality. It is what we want our real life to look like, or even feel like. Understanding the very aspects of the process of film-making – one may find himself/herself quite amazed by the plots, the transitions, the characters and of course the story – but there is more to a movie than these elements. Stories are the elements of real life, but with more meaning and touch to the sentiments of the audience. It is the way we want someone to make coffee for us, with one tea-spoon of sugar or salt. Be it whatever, movies give the freedom to feel and live like the story makes us do. You might end up sky-diving somewhere in the plain deserts of Sahara, or climbing the Mount Everest. But, you’re actually just on the couch eating your noodles.

It is this freedom, that comes out to be my answer to what movies mean.

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