A Day in Hebballi

Have you ever felt that connection towards the cores of your country? Which, in most of the times, lies in the places where not more than a few people stay. Which, again, is mostly the villages. Not to forget the ones which are exotic too. And, there are 640,867 villages in India. Also, 68.84% of Indians are the ones who stay in villages, yet there is the weird comparision between the number of villagers and number of people in cities.

I guess that is more than enough for the picture regarding statistics of the villages in India to be set in your minds.

But, the connection is less scientific. It is more magical. This is the feeling I get when I am in a village. I feel good. And, these days in this consumerist world – being good and feeling good is a present.

I went to Hebballi, a village near Hubballi (my home-town). You can check the location here: Hebballi, Karnataka

It is during the festival time of Shigi Hunvi (a special type of Full Moon Day), the time to visit farms and pay respects to Mother Earth. A day to thank the nature, and celebrate it’s goodness.

The day started with not a cup of coffee, but water. Yeah, I don’t want to lie on this blog. I did what I had to, to get ready for a ride in an auto-rickshaw from my home to Hebballi. I made a few snaps while in the rickshaw.

We reached in less than half-an-hour, and were ready to explore. A visit, a compulsory visit to the holy place called “Sadguru Shri Brahmachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj Sthirapadukashram” After that, me and my cousin Chinnu went on to take pictures of what we could find in that village. But, we ended up taking more pictures of ourselves. But, the others pictures can be found below.

After this short session of taking pictures, came our ride to the fields. A tractor. I don’t remember the details of the vehicle, but it was old and strong.
The ride to fields was something we can call exciting and terrifying at the same time. Terrifying, because I was sitting above one of the two large wheels. And, the rest were back.

Once we reached our field, prayers and regards to Mother Earth were done. We had great food, the originally local dishes. A walk in the field. A few more snaps. And, that’s how it ended. It was fun. Period.

We need to find more time in our lives to go visit the cores of Earth (that’d be too hot). That, is how we can grow with the changes in the nature. Signing off, hoping this little read (which is literally just an essay I’d write in school) was fun to you.

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