Procrastination: My thoughts

A big word, which comes with big problems and big solutions too. I have been a long-lost victim of procrastination. And, I don’t find anything to claim as being a “victim”. In fact, this is not a post to help you overcome procrastination and start doing things by time. No! I will just share what are my thoughts on it, which are for sure pro procrastination.

I do not like the process that comes before doing things to get the work done. You know? The “being lazy” “being unproductive” part of the time being spent. I’d like the time to be spent in – if not a productive way, atleast as times of joy. It is, afterall good for your mental health. Playing games, watching movies, spending a night with friends or family, are all on the good side of the reasons why procrastination can be accepted. But, not the sitting alone in your room, locked out and wasting time doing nothing.

I wake up normally at 7:30 am these days. Before two years, I used to wake up at 3:00 am to get my work done. And, I must say that I need to start waking up back at the time I used to. Mornings are good for procrastinators. It gets things done pretty quicker than the usual.

Procrastination helps you find smart ways to get things done. At the end of the day, what matters is if your work is done or not. Not the way or time it took to be completed.

I had no idea that I could postpone things when I was in high-school. Maybe it was due to the fear of not getting things done. But, as times passed by I found clever ways to get work done. And, boy did I succeed.

In conclusion, it’s important for you to complete the tasks you have in your mind. Be it a few days before the deadline, or on the D-Day. It’s good to get them done well before time, but not bad if done at the verge of timeline.

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