Something About the Movie : A Clockwork Orange

Something About the Movie : Episode One

“Something About the Movie” is going to be a series on this blog. It is quite simple with the meaning, as closely literal as possible. In this series, I will be sharing my thoughts about movies that hit my mind with a brick, mostly in a better way. I wouldn’t want to be sharing my frustration about the movies like Race 3 .

A Clockwork Orange is a movie based on the book with the same name, written originally by  Anthony Burgess , and directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick .

The number of times I would want to watch this piece of art, is crazy enough for someone like me – who easily gets bored when it comes to watching movies multiple times. And some, even for the first time.

Many aspects of the film seem to be experimental, and hence interesting. The screenplay follows a simple rule of keeping the scenes tight and explanatory. It is a depiction of the lead character’s narration. So, this movie is better when you watch it from the narrator’s perspective. It adds more to the depth and the understanding of every move in the reel. There are many such graphic scenes which require one’s open mind and to some extent agreement to receive – the meaning or the story offered. It follows a very unique path to reach the end game of the movie. As said before, this is why experimental films are never at the lack of creating interest, if done with the same purpose.

What I love the most from the film, is the thought carried by the lead character throughout. It is very simple, just like any simple man’s. It could be anything – wanting to hit someone, wanting to drink something, wanting to just do anything random. Just the thought. It depends on you whether or not you’d be liking if he actually killed someone. That’s not the point. It is about how the creators of the film, have been successful in presenting the thoughts, the moves, the work of every character in the movie. It has a lot do with the writing process of the movie, not that it has nothing to do with others. But, the inception of the idea is very crucial for something as experimental as this.

I am sure I did not give up any spoilers, that’s how it should be done when it comes to praising or talking about a good movie. I always feel like if I ever make a movie – I must be telling a story, but it must be the audience who decide the elements of it. The good, and the bad part of it – in elements, relating it to their own life.

Evil Spirits at Ganagapur

Most of the Indian movies that come under the genre of horror, have something to do with the religious beliefs swirling around the plot. I went on a trip to find out why. I didn’t actually go on a hunt for evil spirits, it was a family trip to the temples of North Eastern Karnataka.

The movies not only depict evil spirits, but furthermore explore miracles too. In one of the temples at Sannati – I found out how strong a belief can be. It can change a lot with just a thought. Many people there believed in the holy spirit of Goddess Chandralamba. I saw visions about how they could’ve used the strong belief to make a movement. If only such belief existed in the betterment of humanity, we could change a lot in our lives.

I saw more than a dozen people, laying on the floor, while others carried the idol of the Goddess above them, in a Palika (which is similar to the Ark of Covenant). There was no age restriction to this devotion, even kids with age less than seven were doing it. Some of the old men and women could hardly walk. The kids, did not seem to be forced into doing the usual things done at an Indian temple. They too, were into it like it was more than just a normal deed.

I think I have made it clear about how strongly people believe in holy spirits. They devote themselves to evil spirits, the same as they do otherwise. After staying a day and night in Sannati, my family headed to the place with the real deal – Ganagapur .


Ganagapur is a village in Kalaburgi district of Karnataka. The population is as low as 10,000. But, the number of visitors to this village is increasing every year. According to the book Sri Guru Charitra, it is a place associated with the God Dattatreya. The book also mentions that the God would bathe at the confluence of Bhima and Amarja rivers.

Many business opportunities are being made use of, near the premises of the temple. Since it is a religious place, I saw many people selling and buying stones, holy-threads, scents and what not.

People visting the temple at Ganagapur believe that by offering prayers, fruits and other commodities to the Lord – they can get rid of the evil spirits in their life. I wanted to know more about this particular concept, this belief. So, I visited the temple and saw pictures of men and women actually suffering from something. That something, is what I am unsure of. I couldn’t find an answer. But, even the website of the temple states that there is a high possibility of the act being a result of a mental illness.

Since it has a lot to do with the topic of mental health, I wanted to know more about it. I made a video of the affected, to show it to my therapist. But, a volunteer at the temple made me delete it. It was probably because the authorities at the temple wouldn’t want any new attention to the happenings at the same place.

The real question, is not if we should believe in Evil Spirits or even the good ones. It is about how people can be strongly misunderstanding the situation of ambiguity. The confusion about it being a serious mental illness, should be considered by the concerned.

In short, it was trip with lot of questions popping up on the beliefs. I am still not sure about what to believe in. But, I am sure that a strong belief like this can make great changes and create a movement.

I have shared below – other photographs from this trip. I will be writing more on the topic of beliefs in the near future. Tell me if it would interest you.

IMG_20181110_182604_BURST1-01Wadi Junction

Shri-Chakra next to the idol of Goddess Chandralamba

A dry field in Sannati

River Bhima

Wadi Junction

I have decided to share with you – my favourite piece of art, every week, of any form. Consider it to be very good, and I am hoping you’ll like it. This week’s Favourite: It Isn’t True – Sid Sriram. As always, thank you for reading. Keep reading!

The End: My thoughts

I have always wondered if people start to think after “The End” of something, about what happened before. It could be anything, the end of a movie, a relationship, or life. It was all happening according to the rules set by their own spheres, and boom, it ends in one second or even less time. This thought interests me, because there is more to it than just being a thought. It is an incident bound to happen.


Take for example, a burning candle. It is known to go off at the end. But, there is a lot that can happen over a burning candle. The talks, the research, the dinner and much more. And, it is weirdly better that no one thinks of the end of a burning candle, while they do the things they do. I took the example of a candle, just because it is relate-able to many of us. We all have been there, as a candle to someone or self. In the process, if we ever started to worry about the end, the process itself would change on a notable scale. It might be a change for the good in some cases. For example, we know that Global Warming is about to end things in the near future. This knowledge changes a lot in the process of a caring man’s life. Or, it might also be a change for the bad in some cases. For example, if a person in a relationship knew that he/she is going to end that relationship, well before it happens – he/she might not put efforts in making the relationship better for anyone. It is just a hypothetical example; things might turn out to directed the opposite way too.

By ending things, people usually consider relationships. It is not just a sentence said with no facts behind it. Try searching “people’s behaviour about the end of things”. You will see that there is not a single search result other than articles about break-ups. So, the actual matter here to be worried about is that people need to change their priorities if they want to have a happy life. Dwelling over a relationship for it not being successful should be a thing, but not the only important thing in life. This, of course, is my opinion. Upon ending my college for a few days, I really got to know that life had more to offer than just relationships. I don’t want you to take drastic decisions to realise that. I didn’t do it because of relationships either.

Another obvious topic to talk about the end, is life. Just think for a moment about how things will be if you were not here the next second. Don’t overthink about what people would feel, what it might lead to, or anything deep. Observe your nearest surroundings, and delete yourself from it. Would it make a huge difference? That, is the ultimate question. How far the difference will affect other lives is none of your worries. It is obvious for most of them to get sad, and ultimately (maybe) get over it. My father once said “It is not others who are losing their life. It is you, who is at the greatest loss – dying”. I agree to that.

This article is about to end in a few more sentences. But, it is going to stay here forever – for the new readers. And, that is what I want my life to be like. Make a mark, suggesting a good one. Because, even Osama Bin Laden is not forgotten. He had his own ways of setting a mark in the history of this planet. Perspectives over something serious like that, can change the way we look at this world.

The End.

PS: Don’t forget “Post Scripts” do exist.