The downfall of Facebook

The bridge of Facebook has fallen down in my space.

It was during that long time ago, which I don’t even remember, when I stopped using Facebook. I had done it to stop myself from the addiction, but it turned out to be more than just an addiction. It was like an extension to my life. I realised it the day I left it. But, I never let that realisation turn myself back to Facebook. It got easier every month, to not use it.

I could focus a lot on my college by not using it. And, it turned out to be very good in terms of the marks I scored in every test ahead. I still remember that college was not the reason why I left it. I left it because I just wanted to see if I could live without this addiction. And, I could.

Talking about the time when I thought it would be cool to login back to Facebook once again – it was different. The whole page had turned into something new, something I could not address myself to. The concept was still the same, but the way the concept was presented had changed exponentially. It had a lot of new features which the generation might have thought to be cool and appealing. But, not me. I just could not cope up with the page which was once a cool place for me to hangout on the internet. I found it to be very commercial. That’s the problem – it being commercial. Ask yourself – do you use (if you use) more of Instagram or Facebook? I bet most of you will have the answer as Instagram. That is because the new generation of users find it more appealing to use than any other platform.

Instagram is by far the leading platform for social media. It has over a billion users worldwide. You might be wondering – so does Facebook, what’s your point? According to the facts, this generation might have made an account in Facebook, but it doesn’t really use it as the primary spot for doing whatever they do on the internet to get social. One of the main reasons behind this behaviour is the fact that people got bored with Facebook. They can do whatever they do on Facebook, in a better way somewhere else on the internet. Development of new apps is one of the solid reasons why Facebook is not used anymore like it was done before.

The interesting fact I have observed in my nearest surrounding is that the older generation uses a lot of Facebook. This might be due to the fact that Facebook is the easiest platform to get started on the internet. What they don’t understand is the fact that it can be changed to something better somewhere else.

The bridge of Facebook has fallen in my space. What about you?

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Happy New Year!

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Random Thoughts – The First

You are aware of those thoughts. You happen to have more of these than any easy ones. It feels like they are not yours, but you do realise that they are. You might want to build a rocket-ship, or just a paper boat. You might want to do all of it, or none of it. This very paragraph, is instant. If you know what I mean, you will know the rest of this piece too.

I might have gone too hard in this world. I might have just crushed it, or have I? I don’t know. Is this the high I assume everyone feels about just being random? By every inch on your body, you want to change. This is what it feels like, to have a sensible feeling – which is again a random thing. You might give yourself the liberty to think that I am crazy, which is just as fine.

This will never be advertised, by me. It will just exist, and people have to just find it for the first time themselves. It is going to be this deep. I promise to get more depth, eh, maybe exponential? We’ll see. I know it was hard to read and maybe even understand.


Your chocolate – HighNote-1.

Birth Control in North Korea

Disclaimer: The conclusions mentioned in this article are personal views and to some extent based on research. For a better understanding – look for more reliable sources.

North Korea is nowhere close to even being a mildly safe country for the future of a child. I am talking about safety in a general sense. It is mildly safe in terms of health. But, only in one region of the country. That is the Pyongyang Republic.

North Korea is divided into two regions – the Pyongyang Republic and the Regional Republic. Medical facilities are better in the Pyongyang Republic compared to the nearly non-existent medical facilities in the Regional Republic. Kim Jong II made sure that the facilities available at Pyongyang San Won are better than ever before. The reason for that, however, is personal – his mother died due to a gynaecological disease. It is understandable why a man in power might take such steps.

Talking about the real deal – it is illegal to not have a baby, once you are pregnant. Yes, birth control of any sort is illegal in North Korea. The only contraceptive that is legal there is abstinence. You might be wondering why a state next to the country with strict rules about birth control, China, is asking it’s citizens to literally not stop themselves from having a baby. Well, the reason is very simple. More citizens in the country, more men and women working in the military. It has rules for the young ones to work in the military. And, they take military very seriously in North Korea.

The actual problem lies in the minds of pregnant women. They might not want to give birth to a baby in a world such cruel. I mean, the nearest world to them. It is hard to live in North Korea, not being the superior. It is diamond clear that the powerful in North Korea, are benefiting partially more than even the half of the population. It is as cruel as it can get.

The current population (22nd Dec 2018) of North Korea is 2.55 crores. It is ranked at the number fifty-two, which can be considered “low” compared to other top countries. But, it is a large number of people according to the resources available in North Korea. More than half of the population there suffers from serious nutrition problems. Also, no one is sure about these facts. But, that does not explain why there should be birth control in North Korea. It seems that the military might be the untold reason for why they don’t want to have any kind of birth control in the state. Of course, this is my conclusion based on observing the situation of North Korea. The other conclusion can be religious sentiments. And, it is a strong one.

Nobody really knows why there is no birth control in North Korea, being one of the hardest countries to live in. And, maybe we will know more about it in the future – when it opens up to more unbiased journalism. Which, seems to be far from now.

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Connecting with Strangers

In this world – it has always been important to be connected with others. Solitude might be glorious, but it does not work all the time. If you choose solitude all the time, you are creating boundaries for your world. And, if it keeps you happy – I have no reason to stop you from doing that. But, making friends with the world outside your shell – will open up a lot of opportunities for you to bubble out better.

When it comes to talking to a stranger, I have always been sceptical. But, I like it when I have made a healthy conversation with someone completely new to me. It makes you feel like you have known each other – before that talk. 

I have had many such incidents – where I have had deep conversations with a stranger. A few topics I have talked about are – education, career, love, and life in general.  There was this one incident when I was talking with my friend over the phone. I was at my college. And, I saw an old man sitting on the bench – alone. I found some space to sit and relax (while still on the phone), next to the stranger. I still don’t remember his name. It starts with the letter ‘N’. While I was still on the phone, we (me and the old man) started to talk – out of nowhere. After the general start of a talk, we started to talk about what we were doing in life. I. studying, him – running around the hospital blocks to get his leg fixed. It, the talk, lead to a point where he told me his history in work. He had worked at a lot of places, including the college we both were having this conversation in. 

We connected, in no time. Even though it was for less than an hour of time, we connected. It felt good to talk deeply with a stranger. There was nothing to lose. As I was saying, my friend was still on the phone – she was getting ready to meet me. I am sure she was listening to at least half of it. She told me about how I am good at talking to strangers. I agreed. It is not a special gift to talk to strangers, everyone can do it – if they want to. I don’t always want to. And, even sometimes when I want to – it might be the case that the stranger doesn’t want to. 

It boils down to respecting the choice of everyone. When extended, the choice can lead to a good experience.

I once had an amazing experience with a completely strange kid, I have made a video about it – click/tap here to watch the video.

This week’s favourite: Movie – Fight Club.