Beyond Imagination

It is hard for me to live without imagination. It is the truth. And, it mostly applies to everyone. It has been valid since one could’ve imagined about something. Imagination is something that goes beyond boundaries. It breaks the rules of reality. And, that is why it is always exciting to imagine something crazy. Crazy enough for it to be real.

What do you imagine of? You sitting at the top of the world, or drowning in the sea and hence dying. The spectrum of imagination is as stretched as life and death are apart from each other. It is not wrong if you imagine drowning in the sea, as there are no rules to it. Plus, if you are thinking of drowning- please talk to someone, someone who can listen to you. Otherwise, if you are imagining to be at the top of the world – don’t keep it to yourself either. Talk about it too, with others. It helps in keeping the conversations interesting. Your means of expressing the imagination can be different from others, it can be a photo, an essay or even a video. It can be even as simple as just a talk with your friend. 

Why is it important to imagine very often? Sometimes, we get busy with our lives – getting stuck with the reality. It can get hard for one to imagine. You need to let your thoughts stretch as long as this universe can hold it. There must not be any limit to your living. Also, if you imagine yourself sitting with the biggest of celebrities while you are at work – you have just made your work interesting. You can also choose to work for that imagination to be real. It was probably with a lot of imagination – that a lot of scientists could come up with new theories. That, reminds of a quote –

Logic can take you from point A to point B. But, imagination can take you from point A to anywhere.

                                                                 – Albert Einstein

Imagination is very important in the field of creativity, and also when you are solving a real life problem. You can change the way someone could have thought about a particular thing. I am dreaming most of the times, about something or the other. And, I must say – it gets tricky at times to keep at it. But, I have never stopped imagining things. It keeps me going. For some, it might not be the best of abilities they have. But, surely it is something which can help them lead an interesting life. At the least, just to themselves. 

This week’s favourite: Song – Not Today.

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