Connecting with Strangers

In this world – it has always been important to be connected with others. Solitude might be glorious, but it does not work all the time. If you choose solitude all the time, you are creating boundaries for your world. And, if it keeps you happy – I have no reason to stop you from doing that. But, making friends with the world outside your shell – will open up a lot of opportunities for you to bubble out better.

When it comes to talking to a stranger, I have always been sceptical. But, I like it when I have made a healthy conversation with someone completely new to me. It makes you feel like you have known each other – before that talk. 

I have had many such incidents – where I have had deep conversations with a stranger. A few topics I have talked about are – education, career, love, and life in general.  There was this one incident when I was talking with my friend over the phone. I was at my college. And, I saw an old man sitting on the bench – alone. I found some space to sit and relax (while still on the phone), next to the stranger. I still don’t remember his name. It starts with the letter ‘N’. While I was still on the phone, we (me and the old man) started to talk – out of nowhere. After the general start of a talk, we started to talk about what we were doing in life. I. studying, him – running around the hospital blocks to get his leg fixed. It, the talk, lead to a point where he told me his history in work. He had worked at a lot of places, including the college we both were having this conversation in. 

We connected, in no time. Even though it was for less than an hour of time, we connected. It felt good to talk deeply with a stranger. There was nothing to lose. As I was saying, my friend was still on the phone – she was getting ready to meet me. I am sure she was listening to at least half of it. She told me about how I am good at talking to strangers. I agreed. It is not a special gift to talk to strangers, everyone can do it – if they want to. I don’t always want to. And, even sometimes when I want to – it might be the case that the stranger doesn’t want to. 

It boils down to respecting the choice of everyone. When extended, the choice can lead to a good experience.

I once had an amazing experience with a completely strange kid, I have made a video about it – click/tap here to watch the video.

This week’s favourite: Movie – Fight Club.

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