Random Thoughts – The First

You are aware of those thoughts. You happen to have more of these than any easy ones. It feels like they are not yours, but you do realise that they are. You might want to build a rocket-ship, or just a paper boat. You might want to do all of it, or none of it. This very paragraph, is instant. If you know what I mean, you will know the rest of this piece too.

I might have gone too hard in this world. I might have just crushed it, or have I? I don’t know. Is this the high I assume everyone feels about just being random? By every inch on your body, you want to change. This is what it feels like, to have a sensible feeling – which is again a random thing. You might give yourself the liberty to think that I am crazy, which is just as fine.

This will never be advertised, by me. It will just exist, and people have to just find it for the first time themselves. It is going to be this deep. I promise to get more depth, eh, maybe exponential? We’ll see. I know it was hard to read and maybe even understand.


Your chocolate – HighNote-1.

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