What if all phones got hacked?

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Imagine all the phones in this world doing one specific thing, like ringing or playing a video, at the same time. With no control of the personal user over the device, it can be a real mess and surely fatal in terms of peace with the world. It will be a situation of first happening in terms of united action in the modern world, or in other words – the biggest integration of a human extension. 

Elon Musk has talked about how serious the situation might get, once all the Teslas got hacked. The team behind the security of Teslas makes sure this does not happen, to even a single car by using hard-to-understand technology. Let’s keep it that way now – hard-to-understand technology. This means various levels of encryption to the system’s incoming and outgoing messages of instruction. To make it safer, the Tesla will not accept any instruction given by the user himself, inside the system, which might lead to the dysfunctionality of the car. In similar ways, your phone needs a lot of digging to be done – to change the way it works with a huge difference to the usual way it does.

If anyone succeeds in hacking every single phone on this planet, he literally has access to an extension of what we may call – the human mind. The hacker can create a mess of such tension that it will be hard for the good guys to solve it in a short period of time. This gives the hacker some more time to make sure he/she gets the work done. There has to be a definition of this “work”.

After getting into the system

This “work” can vary from just playing audio to making phone calls that matter. Of course, hackers with such skills of managing to conduct this act will have a better and deadly purpose. It might be a piece of fake news sent by the government itself to make wrong movements in the country, which might lead to a state of panic in the society. An incident in the past records this:

The hacker group Impact Team broke into the Avid Life Media servers and copied the personal data of 37 million Ashley Madison users. The hackers then incrementally released this information to the world through various websites. The effect on people’s personal reputations rippled across the world, including claims that user suicides followed after the hack.

Source: Lifewire

You can see that the information of every user might be at stake. A simple misconduct by the user can result in serious consequences.

Are you safe?

It depends on various factors. It also mainly depends on the security protocols set by the manufacturer of your device, be it even your computer. It can be concluded on a higher level of understanding that no one is safe – if the hackers come with a new approach, which is not being prepared for by the protocols. A simple link sent to you on WhatsApp might lead to your phone getting hacked for disclosure of serious information.

We are living in that time of technology where we are just starting to understand it. It will take years and years to come with a solid structure to define what “technology” really means with a bigger sense.

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