When I had few goals and more time

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It can just be said that I have done better than present in my near past. I used to simply put myself into the pit of work and stay there for as long as one could imagine. I was very stubborn when it came to my near goals or ambitions. I used to put my entire focus on making that happen for real in life for once. I still have these traits, not bragging – just mentioning that they have faded their colours a little. I am working on it, daily.

I am gifted just like you are. Not everyone can have the same traits, you might have something better or worse than what I have. But, what matters is that it is unique to you. At least to the world, you are aware of.

I used to wake up at 3 a.m. in 2015-16. It had a reason behind itself. The only goal I had during that time was that I get better at solving problems in mathematics and science (excluding Chemistry, I still am not in love with it). I used to try and collect information about Biology also, even though it was not a subject I chose to study in my Pre-University course (Senior High School in the U.S.A)

What has changed now is the fact that I am focusing on too many goals at the same time. Considering time to be responsible for growth, it is the most right thing to do in the present. But, maybe my mind is not grown well enough to handle so many goals at the same time. I might have to just slow down on what I am doing. I need to give my mind it’s space to just allow as many goals as it can handle.

A couple of projects are very important to me to keep myself going. Maybe that is the growth I need to give up myself to. I have kept writing to be among-st the top things I am currently doing, or have to keep doing.

I suggest you let yourself go and not harm your growth, maybe it truly has something better coming up for you in the future. Else, you might not be aware of it happening right now in the present.

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