Everything Industrial: Ichalkaranji

I have come to this place, to visit my dad. He has been working here for years now. This place is well known for its industrial base which has been made strong for nearly a hundred years now. Amongst all the existing industries here – the textile field plays a vital role in the economy, making differences at the national level.

You can find small scale mills of looms in every corner of the city. My father says there are nearly 1,25,000 looms in this city alone. The looms found here are of the traditional kind. And, the industry along with its growth has come up with new methods for fabrication. The traditional looms are still being used on a high scale because of the high demands for cloth in the industry.

A popular name given to this city is “Manchester of India”. It has about 25 spinning units. The daily turnover of the textile industry alone is about a thousand crores. According to Wikipedia:

Before 1980 Ichalkaranji was known for cotton poplindhoti, and cotton saris. In the mid-1980s, weavers of the city started producing denimcanvaschiffon, and fabric for school uniforms (khaki drill).

Fabrics such as seersuckerOxfordherringboneripstopchambraytweed, and twill made in or around the Ichalkaranji city are used by many domestic and international fashion brands such as Raymond’s of India, ArmaniBanana RepublicHugo Boss, and Paul Smith.

The lifestyle of residents here in Ichalkaranji is that of minimalism, productivity and rigidity. It is a typical Maharashtrian city. The city is still in its age of the pre-developing state, to which the residents are not bothered. That is what makes them different.

There are not only mills in the city, but outlets for spare parts, just like the one in which my father works. He manages deals with huge demands from Nepal. That is the outreach of this industrial base.

When you first look at it, it might seem to be just another industry with basic demands. But, when looked in – at depth – it is as giant as any new tech industry, but of course with its own closures.

That’s all for this post. I am aware of not having posted for three weeks in a row. I was not busy, and clearly, I don’t have a good reason. Thank you for reading and supporting this page. If you like my content – you can choose to follow me via E-Mail. You’ll find the follow button somewhere on this very page.

This week’s favourite: Movie – Seethakaathi.

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