A muddy ball in the sock

It is very often that I don’t find things to be clear, as much as they should be. It almost becomes like a new puzzle I am not ready to solve. But, I surely don’t miss the chance of giving it a try.

A muddy ball in the sock, a dark cloud stopping the sun. Such happenings are very near and dear to me. I hope you understand the context, try to – you will find it not only jumbled but also something of depth. I find it that way.

I am very much bound to rise in the worlds of nature, or natural hives. I say that to confirm myself of the future I am preparing myself for. I am very much bound to that. It might not be in its entirety here, but I do find it interesting. Try to.

Closures? I have to believe in them for that the new cloud I am in wants me to follow a few rules to make sure I don’t run into any real ones out there. But, I don’t trust it anyways. So, I am leaving this here with just the same amount of closure as none.


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