There is a lot more to happen in this life than I have in my mind. Amazingly and interestingly, I am ready for it. For all of it. The inventory might just fall too short. We are here to taste it all. And, I will be here. Excuse me for I have taken this liberty in writing this way with no second thoughts. I find glory, peace and myself in doing so. This is just who I am. And, better than just accepting who I am – I have accepted what I was and what I could be. No, I don’t believe that people don’t change over time. This seems to be a huge desert of tiny granules – each one of them being the ultimate part of this ultimate integration. But, there are going to be stones in this sand that even the water won’t and can’t wash away. They will stay with me. And, I will preserve them. They are here, right in my chest and deep in my nerves.

Today has been one of those special days where I think just too extremely over any flick of current in my mind. Funny how I call it mind and not “brain”. Maybe I am too much of a human to call it with a name like “brain”. Maybe even you are.

I think of many things. Many things that don’t even matter. And, I like it nonetheless. Because, who gives a damn what you do with that tiny little brain of yours. Wait. Stop me there. You must give a damn about what you do with that tiny little brain, but with the freedom and responsibility you wish for yourself. I say, do hell with it, and give it all the freedom in this mighty universe. It is free after-all. You don’t have to listen to me.

Do we make sense? Does this make sense? I don’t even know if I want to know. That is just another trick of this amorphous philosophy we all tend to believe in. Why am I talking on behalf of all? I don’t even know if I want to know.

There is a lot to be. Let it be.