It looks like I am doing this every alternative day. Today, I finished my first set of exams at college. By today, I mean yesterday. It’s black 12:18 right now. I think I can do with the pattern of leaving one day. But, I think the best pattern for Babble is to not have any pattern. By thinking in this way, I can totally mess up by not writing Babble for ages. So, I just don’t know how this is actually going to work. Writing everyday on the blog does not seem to work with me. Maybe if it becomes a habitual process I can’t refuse, it can work. For now, writing is no way habitual. It is just something I pour extremely high interests in. Amazingly, I am starting to find similar interests in Data Science at college. So, I thought of putting that into this blog somehow.

This is what I have come up with –

A seperate page for this blog called Computer Science. This is where I will be posting any stuff related to my work in Computer Science, and mostly Data Science. I am still a beginner, so I know it can be boring to many many people – especially my audience data is not much nerd-skewed(see what I did there?)

Right now I need to work on something which talks about Computer Science and at the same time does not bore someone who likes to talk and read about love, life, dreams, reality, burdens and so on(the typical audience of anything/anyone in general).

The page Computer Science will be set up soon. But, not very soon as I have a lot of work related to scripts and college hitting the roof of the pile. Until then, stay calm. After then, stay calm.


Yes, I forgot the second day of Babble, 22nd September. And, I did remember yesterday about this new thing on the blog. But, again forgot to write. I can’t understand how can anyone forget something so easily. Don’t tell me that we tend to remember only important stuff in our life. Writing Babble is very important to me. Maybe the fact that this is just so fresh and new to me that my physical being thought there is no Babble. This physical being wants it to be a habit for it to be done daily.

I saw on YouTube that your memory sucks if you think your memory sucks. As much as I want to believe that my memory is good, I am reminded by life about days like 22nd September – the very next day on which I forgot about what I had planned to do everyday the day before.

I have minor assessments going on in college, which could be a very good reason why I forgot. But, I don’t want to blame any question paper for that. It feels good to be prepared for the exam, again. I am not hating it except for the first few minutes of the day and on subjects like System Software(oh, you wouldn’t want to know about it).

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It is great to see familiar faces in college. While we get along good, we are always forgetting something. We do not intend to work our life with these familiar faces. We are so caught up in the conventional rhythm of life that we don’t really care about new beats. It might be very true that all this seems wrong to you, and you are not wrong about that. For you, it might always be about finding new beats in life. You might not be caged in these conventional rhythms of life at all. You choose freedom, I see. I respect you because that is what I’d choose too. It is good to work for it. But, do you ever think if we are caged at all? What is this freedom we are fighting for? Who gets to define it? I’ll tell you who gets to decide that. It’s you. And, only you can define your freedom. It could be running on the street like you just won a debate or it could be sitting locked in a room fighting with yourself whether you should debate or not. It just could be anything. That, is the very definition of freedom. It is free in itself to be whatever it can be. We even need not call it freedom. Call it whatever you want. Call it winds of the Himalayas or the walls of Tihar. And, you will always be right about what you call it. It is not wrong if you see being locked in a classroom as freedom. Because, you are the one who made the definition, remember? You need not choose it wisely either. I would not. Because, all I care about is being okay with it. 

These short pieces are written without any sort of preparation just like most of my posts. But, these are short and not shared by me anywhere else except for this page itself. See it as something only for the followers and those who frequently read on the internet. A daily dose of me babbling.

In this Whatever-We-Have

Do you remember anything good about yesterday? Do you feel good about it even today? What will you do about it tomorrow? 

I hope nothing bad happens to you. But, we all know something terrible is to happen someday. I don’t feel good in being sure about it. It scares me. I need this contrast very badly because I believe this whatever-we-have is whole only with the colours expanding to their extremities – black and white. I don’t want to confirm that black is the dark part of it, that way even this slightest feeling about something terrible to happen fades away in uncertainty. What is dark and what is bright? Who gets to decide that? I feel good again about not being sure.

It’s always better to not believe that something terrible is going to happen. Just as the way you are not sure if you will be someone with a penthouse somewhere in a metro, you also can’t be sure if you will end up homeless. You are sure about this one fact – anything can happen, be it the penthouse or be it the footpath. There’s no judgement that being in a penthouse in a metro is good for your life if all you look for in life is some time to look at the city while you sit on the bench – on the footpath. 

I am sick of uncertainty to be honest, maybe, I don’t know. I sometimes want to be sure about something and other times it feels too good to not know about anything. Maybe we’ll have our whole life to look for answers in the faces, the trees and the words. Maybe we’ll know the answers to all of it, one day. To keep us alive, we need questions to ask this whatever-we-have. We need answers too, otherwise there is no point in you getting on the bike every morning hurrying up to the classroom just so that you don’t get kicked out of the class, even before getting into it. It is a bad feeling about which I don’t give a shit. What if I got kicked out? What’s the worst that could happen? I am sure as hell that I won’t not be having a good time of my life just because someone thought “Hey! It’s wrong to be late when you want to learn about something” Who sets the rules to the way you learn about anything? Did anyone tell you that you had be on time at the front door of your house every Sunday morning at 08:13:00 Eastern Time to learn how you cut your nails? I hope you have not been asked to do that. If you have been, we still have time. 

All we do is think and think we do. I made a few pictures which you can see on this page. You can check out my Instagram for more of these. I had a lot of fun in creating them. These pictures are my way of telling this world that magic can be real. And that I too believe life can be just as fun as I thought it was watching Tom & Jerry hurrying up to school ten years ago while eating my chapati-roll. I hope you like them. If not, I hope you get kicked out of the class tomorrow.

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