It is great to see familiar faces in college. While we get along good, we are always forgetting something. We do not intend to work our life with these familiar faces. We are so caught up in the conventional rhythm of life that we don’t really care about new beats. It might be very true that all this seems wrong to you, and you are not wrong about that. For you, it might always be about finding new beats in life. You might not be caged in these conventional rhythms of life at all. You choose freedom, I see. I respect you because that is what I’d choose too. It is good to work for it. But, do you ever think if we are caged at all? What is this freedom we are fighting for? Who gets to define it? I’ll tell you who gets to decide that. It’s you. And, only you can define your freedom. It could be running on the street like you just won a debate or it could be sitting locked in a room fighting with yourself whether you should debate or not. It just could be anything. That, is the very definition of freedom. It is free in itself to be whatever it can be. We even need not call it freedom. Call it whatever you want. Call it winds of the Himalayas or the walls of Tihar. And, you will always be right about what you call it. It is not wrong if you see being locked in a classroom as freedom. Because, you are the one who made the definition, remember? You need not choose it wisely either. I would not. Because, all I care about is being okay with it. 

These short pieces are written without any sort of preparation just like most of my posts. But, these are short and not shared by me anywhere else except for this page itself. See it as something only for the followers and those who frequently read on the internet. A daily dose of me babbling.

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