Yes, I forgot the second day of Babble, 22nd September. And, I did remember yesterday about this new thing on the blog. But, again forgot to write. I can’t understand how can anyone forget something so easily. Don’t tell me that we tend to remember only important stuff in our life. Writing Babble is very important to me. Maybe the fact that this is just so fresh and new to me that my physical being thought there is no Babble. This physical being wants it to be a habit for it to be done daily.

I saw on YouTube that your memory sucks if you think your memory sucks. As much as I want to believe that my memory is good, I am reminded by life about days like 22nd September – the very next day on which I forgot about what I had planned to do everyday the day before.

I have minor assessments going on in college, which could be a very good reason why I forgot. But, I don’t want to blame any question paper for that. It feels good to be prepared for the exam, again. I am not hating it except for the first few minutes of the day and on subjects like System Software(oh, you wouldn’t want to know about it).

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