It looks like I am doing this every alternative day. Today, I finished my first set of exams at college. By today, I mean yesterday. It’s black 12:18 right now. I think I can do with the pattern of leaving one day. But, I think the best pattern for Babble is to not have any pattern. By thinking in this way, I can totally mess up by not writing Babble for ages. So, I just don’t know how this is actually going to work. Writing everyday on the blog does not seem to work with me. Maybe if it becomes a habitual process I can’t refuse, it can work. For now, writing is no way habitual. It is just something I pour extremely high interests in. Amazingly, I am starting to find similar interests in Data Science at college. So, I thought of putting that into this blog somehow.

This is what I have come up with –

A seperate page for this blog called Computer Science. This is where I will be posting any stuff related to my work in Computer Science, and mostly Data Science. I am still a beginner, so I know it can be boring to many many people – especially my audience data is not much nerd-skewed(see what I did there?)

Right now I need to work on something which talks about Computer Science and at the same time does not bore someone who likes to talk and read about love, life, dreams, reality, burdens and so on(the typical audience of anything/anyone in general).

The page Computer Science will be set up soon. But, not very soon as I have a lot of work related to scripts and college hitting the roof of the pile. Until then, stay calm. After then, stay calm.

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