Let Jerry come out of the closet

I did stand-up a few days ago for the first time. Ever. I hadn’t done it even when I was alone. And, the experience was just so surreal. It made me happier, even more.

I talked about a lot of things, I think. But, only for five minutes. Like everybody’s first time, I wanted it to be quick. If you are laughing at that for the second time in your life, you probably were there at the club last time. Thank you! You da classic-o-human.

This is not a post, actually. It’s an invitation from me to you asking you to come to my gig to make you laugh, me, I will do.

Laughing, has been always my favourite thing to do. That, almost sounds like an intern at Apple or Google saying “machine learning, has always been my kinda thing to do constantly trying make this world a better place” So, let’s keep this thing in the same tone, the Google YouTube Ad tone:

Laughing, has always been my favourite thing to do. It is these ceramic-feel substances, a total of thirty-two placed in the most right possible way, to get you that joyful experience of opening your face-hole expressing your happiness. Come, let’s do this together. At The Comicsutra Club. Where, you laugh.


Venue: McDonald’s India, Hubli

Time: 5:01 pm IST

Click on this to buy a piece of paper to get yourself sealed to get in the club. Send them a message saying you want to be there. Coz, bills are so hard to love.