articles like this are boring

And, you’ve decided to get bored since you are already reading this sentence. If you have not, I can confirm now, since you are reading these words. See oh en eff aye are em.

I have clicked a few pictures from my trip with the family. We went to Tirupati. The land of loans, debts, credits and the richest temples India has ever seen – this is a spot for easy access to a fun ride on the brainwash-cart.

Here goes nothing.

chuku buku
trrr trrr trrrr
this does not make any sounds
not every photo must have a caption describing the sounds
chattering teeth
dosa looking like it’s from a hen
can’t describe shit

And, that’s how I spent my days of not the last theory exam, practical exam, attendance calls, shaft-garlic and whatever it is that happens in an engineering college.

I still have more than just an year to realise, even more, that the joke written above is worth it every second I have supposedly wasted to cost me an year-gap.

People usually go away by the time they reach this far on a blog, and you are still here. Good going. You’ll be gone well before you know.


Let your friends about this blog, who knows what it takes to be good humans?

Aringarosa crossed the library toward them.

She, I suppose it’s a feminine character that I sense coming from the corridor, making way through a few lousy men of college. Moots about the happenings that shouldn’t even cause a careless damage to our behaviour, are being taught by these men, and women also. I sense very little care for anything, in the people I see around, at this library. All putting their rattling heads into sheaves of wisdom hoping one day they will get rid of them.

Many here, disappoint me. 

But, this sense I just had. A feminine mastery, coming now from and within these huge shelves of century-old books. A few older than just a century too. This part of the library, is said to remain as one. Hence, the only library I go to. Other shares of the library have made their path towards the contemporary world. But, I like libraries the way I have always imagined them to be like. Mountain high wooden shelves, with glass covering the books by a centimetre. A million holding each other before they fall on one’s head to cause a divine knock, on self and everything else. 

Even this library has not had the closest chance at overwhelming what I see coming towards me.

It’s Aringarosa, crossing the library towards me.


This piece was written using the prompt “Aringarosa crossed the library toward them”, which is a line I pointed randomly, eyes closed, on a completely random page in the book The Da Vinci Code, written by Dan Brown. This procedure to get a prompt was given at

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Let Babble be something I do, not everyday, keeping it short.

What do you do about the negative people around you? Wait, how do you know they are negative? You are mostly not wrong about them being wrong, it’s good that you know. I wish I had a better definition to what’s negative, and it’ definitely not something opposite to positivism. They are not on the same coin to have two different faces.