Aringarosa crossed the library toward them.

She, I suppose it’s a feminine character that I sense coming from the corridor, making way through a few lousy men of college. Moots about the happenings that shouldn’t even cause a careless damage to our behaviour, are being taught by these men, and women also. I sense very little care for anything, in the people I see around, at this library. All putting their rattling heads into sheaves of wisdom hoping one day they will get rid of them.

Many here, disappoint me. 

But, this sense I just had. A feminine mastery, coming now from and within these huge shelves of century-old books. A few older than just a century too. This part of the library, is said to remain as one. Hence, the only library I go to. Other shares of the library have made their path towards the contemporary world. But, I like libraries the way I have always imagined them to be like. Mountain high wooden shelves, with glass covering the books by a centimetre. A million holding each other before they fall on one’s head to cause a divine knock, on self and everything else. 

Even this library has not had the closest chance at overwhelming what I see coming towards me.

It’s Aringarosa, crossing the library towards me.


This piece was written using the prompt “Aringarosa crossed the library toward them”, which is a line I pointed randomly, eyes closed, on a completely random page in the book The Da Vinci Code, written by Dan Brown. This procedure to get a prompt was given at

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