articles like this are boring

And, you’ve decided to get bored since you are already reading this sentence. If you have not, I can confirm now, since you are reading these words. See oh en eff aye are em.

I have clicked a few pictures from my trip with the family. We went to Tirupati. The land of loans, debts, credits and the richest temples India has ever seen – this is a spot for easy access to a fun ride on the brainwash-cart.

Here goes nothing.

chuku buku
trrr trrr trrrr
this does not make any sounds
not every photo must have a caption describing the sounds
chattering teeth
dosa looking like it’s from a hen
can’t describe shit

And, that’s how I spent my days of not the last theory exam, practical exam, attendance calls, shaft-garlic and whatever it is that happens in an engineering college.

I still have more than just an year to realise, even more, that the joke written above is worth it every second I have supposedly wasted to cost me an year-gap.

People usually go away by the time they reach this far on a blog, and you are still here. Good going. You’ll be gone well before you know.


Let your friends about this blog, who knows what it takes to be good humans?

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