Water: My Moving Constant

I’ll take my debts to Ganga.

I feel very connected to everything, and I love that about me. Even you should. It helps me stay unattached, in strange ways. All the while, it somehow works for me.

as seen by shamant

Thinking deeply about something, and the next moment knowing that the thought was for that moment. Let’s always keep it that way. If I attach it to something other than the moment itself, it becomes a nasty problem. The one where I feel like the very good pillars on which that moment stood are now being pissed on by relations, time, and other feelings. It is now an attachment to the feeling I had that moment. If it makes any sense, live now and only for now. I know you have heard many people say “don’t think about the past, or the future too much” and they could not have been more correct about this one suggestion.

Attachment, as written in my mom’s bio on WhatsApp, is the root of suffering.

ah, august! just after my trip to ashwem and beyond

To me, all of what I said above, is somehow related to water. Water, to me, is essential. Oh, such discoveries while I write, makes me laugh. Is water really that essential to you, a metabolic mechanism, Shreyas?

Anyhow, be it any bad feeling, I resort back to taking control of my breath. In, out. And, end up drinking water. It works. This might sound stupid at first. But, discovering more about what water means to me might make us, for the lack of a better word, enlightened.


As I look at it, all that is to make sense to me ends up being a pattern of randomness, and thus making sense to me. How do I say it?

I can’t, and it will be my ultimate goal to put out this very non-sensical idea in my films. And, one day a film made by me will make it a notion believable by anyone who sees it. When he or she does, I also hope it comes to them with the only meaning of not having one. Similar to this notion, water, as in rivers – keeps flowing, but there is this sense of unchanging behaviour of the very drops this river carries. It itself is the drop, and the river.

akksye watching waves

It feels very good to be at fear of the river changing it’s flow. This fear is very similar to my other fears in life. And, as I watch the flow still being there, maybe at a different speed, I can still see and sense this wide range of possible ways to get me out of this fear. I can work on my problems, and treat them if they can be treated. If they can’t be treated, we can at least get comfortable with this gyp. It’s there, we know that. And, if there’s nothing we can do about it – we know that we’re wrong. We can definitely do something about it, but just not now.

As Dr. Anand Pandurangi puts it very finely into words:

Sometimes, time is a very good aid for healing”

These complications make it hard for one to put all notions under one roof. One certain meaning, a uniform understanding about all of this may not be achieved. Again, this gyp is so much of a discomfort than a cheat on your instincts.

We’ll let this wave hit us, and we’ll flow.

the beyond

Artist Ultimate: About Leonardo from Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is a long name. No shit, Sherlock.

I’ll address him as Leo. Also, Leo is not here, so he wouldn’t mind it. If you think changing names like this is a sin, you are the most right person to read this article. Because, da Vinci might defy your beliefs. You need this.

Patterns, as I have seen and wondered about, are the ultimate conclusion I can make by seeing anything da Vinci has created. It sounds a bit cheesy, and we’re not here to cook. A little more about this later.

look at the angel’s hair

Okay, Leo sounds too cheesy. Sorry Leo, I’ll have to let you go.

da Vinci is my spirit to look at the way I look at any form of art. He observes science very finely, and clearly in his subjects while maintaining the magic within. This helps me feel at ease, as it is believable that it’s real. It might be very amusing and magical, but it is real. He is known to have defied his very own status in the society. From being a basterd to a legitimate artist, not to mention – a very good one, he refused to obey the norms of the 15th Century.

Why do I like da Vinci so much?

the vitruvian man

1458, in Vinci, Italy – he was born a basterd, not living with the name of his supposedly prosperous family of origin – he had to deal with the problems of being illegitimate when it was meant a shame to be an illegitimate son. No benefits of a normal human being. This made Leonardo challenge the norms and become a very important figure in the society so that he could escape being a basterd.

He was born at the right time in Italy, as it was the right one to be born as a genius. And, Leonardo was so much more than a genius. He addressed what even geniuses couldn’t, the very dumb things one doesn’t ponder upon at first sight. Like the motion in hair, in a painting. It is so basic to even think about, and he made the painting talk about this motion. This importance to the detail of a moving hair, or even just the motion of waves formed by the curls – is astonishing, psychedelic, mind-altering and eye-opening. Plus, other words you can describe “mind blowing”. And, now the dumb thing, this motion is the very own subject at work. How amazing!

the angel’s hair i was talking about earlier

More than two decades later, as I spit out very important parts of his life, he became an artist recognised by the Medici family in Florence, Italy. The Medici family was a very powerful one, as it was very rich and it controlled the votes in Florence. Classic rich family moves.

They were at power, as one of the banks of authority. They had enemies because of this very obvious reason. And, money ruled. They knew Leonardo was going to be very helpful in making new inventions with his intelligence and help technological developments speed through time in Florence.


He then moved forward to creating new pieces of art while describing the science very clearly behind these creations, as a mathematician, a biologist, a physician, a painter and more. He is the ultimate artist.

Leonardo da Vinci defying the way this world sees and works, has inspired many of us to keep continuing. It’s never going to be fair, to stop and conclude his life. I will keep looking more.

And, one day he will be.

do you see a pattern?

Haul Up, Grawl Down

I don’t know what you’d be doing in New York.

Due to my conscience, it makes me only possible to feel as if others are thinking about me differently. Like I do about them. Keeping up with the sense, I somehow flow up and down – forward. If there is any ambiguity in my words, look more into them.

“Human” by Jon Bellion

Ego is very critical. It holds the power to defy the righteousness, on the common grounds which one views this creation we all love and live in. It hurts me very bad to see a few around me running around the streets like they are the dogs from the sisterhood of power and money. They have done nothing in their life. That should say a lot about these men and women, who walk around with high esteem like they have achieved something by liking dank memes from 9gag and not RVCJ memes. Also, they buy Gucci over Nike. Unfortunately, we are at those standards where Nike has become the underdog to a few. Rich kids, and only rich kids, are talking about Gucci like they have been living at the Queen’s Palace all their life. She left us, when will you leave her?

there’s no sun, but it’s there

Me defining, or even trying to define this problem of ego is a sure shot of failure, at my level of experience with it. It’s only fair if I see and observe these people who are very obvious at showing their worth.

Fortunately, I can make sense out of these observations. These people, as I refer to them by “these people” would flip out by me refering to them this way. Somehow, their brains have already decided it’s not the right thing and they should act on it. Also, there are “wrong” things registered in their minds. When these happen, they will act. But, even here – they will make it an obvious action, where you will know for sure that it was Narendra Modi who started the Swachh Bharat campaign. This does not mean Narendra Modi is an egoistic personality, because as I am not, he is still a human. If it ever occured to you that I am addressing him as an example for how egoistic people behave, you have to work on the way you read blogs.

If you found that discomforting, about me telling you to learn how to read blogs, you might be facing problems in the way you take suggestions. So, learn how to read blogs and mostly how to live. Because, many have literally forgotten that learning is a part of this life since we all are busy spreading hate like a diabetologist distributing chocolates. It’s not wrong, but it’s wrong specifically.

You have seen people around you call out others for them having a good physique. They appreciate this. It feels like an appreciation, because that is what the society has set the definition as for something to be appreciated. I’ll tell you why, as I have observed, this happens.

leaves can be red too

If someone says “You have a good height”, he means you have a good height. And, she always does. Now, when you’re short, they do not address you with the label “good” or even “bad”. They instead say “You are too short”. The same applies for any trait you see being a compliment in and around the world. So, the next time you are called out, think again – because you might not be called out. I know it’s better if we stop looking for some kind of meaning in everything.

I hope we all one day will stop labeling things by good and bad, and furthermore defy the labels of high and low.


My Memory: It Sucks

Like I’d remember anything. Today, let’s see if I can recall the trip I took to Bengaluru.

2018, my worst year, as decided by my conscious mind – and this day was different. I don’t really remember dwelling very badly on that day. Mostly because I just was free.

meghana, is the hotel’s name

I hate Bengaluru for extremely lovely reasons. There are some robots in that city who look like they have evolved to becoming humans. They have somehow taken a different path, where they have exceeded excellence, coming down to basic lives of robots. Still looking like they are the rest of us. They have nostrils, we have nostrils. But, they are really not breathing like the rest of us.

Why do I say this? I am right.

Three years ago, me and my younger cousin, Arjun, were goofing around in Orion Mall. We’re kids, we do that. At Shopper’s Stop over there, obviously we were bored by the grownups shopping like they had to decide between pink and yellow. Black, take black. It’s that simple.

My brother thought it’s going to be fun if he just screamed balls out, crying out for god-knows-who. While he did that, I did not stop him for reasons I don’t know. It seemed like a good idea. I did not join him, but I encouraged him to increase his decibels a little more so that the woman who just passed by like she’s more concerned about her falling off the skyscraper high heels, than about this kid who’s literally wanting her to take a look at this menace.

I know for sure that if it were Hubballi, that woman would not only take a look at Arjun, she’d start screaming balls out too. The one at the mall was a robot. Not all of them are. Strangely, there are humans who have managed to keep smiling like they can in this city.

I managed to still keep the flow, and we went on to taking rides around the shops in trolleys.

the trolley was too heavy for arjun

And, two years later, I am back here at Bengaluru to meet my friend Chaitanya, as it had been a long time since I did that. He is worth the pain of robots shagging you up and down the train of reality. After staying there, eating good food like it’s Sirsi at home, we went to Nando’s like we’re any Brahmins.

we’re not at the movie table no. 21, this is nando’s

KSI, you’re just very correct about them having the best chicken.

The next day, I called up Rajshekhar, who also happened to be in Bangalore. I went to meet him at Church Street, like we had just called each other to come down to Reddy Canteen in Hubli.

this is where rich kids vomit in bengaluru

We went to the Social, and sat down. Then, we got up and went to The Biere Club which was nearby. Got caught, and came back to our houses. See how you have no idea what we did. We did nothing wrong, unfortunately.


Those three or four days, were just not like most of 2018. I wanted to live, like a very few other days in that year. If happiness is defined by laughter, chicken, empty metro, trees and what not, then I was living it.

this building says “nmt” to other buildings nearby

Bengaluru’s fine, like my memory. What’s up with you?