My Memory: It Sucks

Like I’d remember anything. Today, let’s see if I can recall the trip I took to Bengaluru.

2018, my worst year, as decided by my conscious mind – and this day was different. I don’t really remember dwelling very badly on that day. Mostly because I just was free.

meghana, is the hotel’s name

I hate Bengaluru for extremely lovely reasons. There are some robots in that city who look like they have evolved to becoming humans. They have somehow taken a different path, where they have exceeded excellence, coming down to basic lives of robots. Still looking like they are the rest of us. They have nostrils, we have nostrils. But, they are really not breathing like the rest of us.

Why do I say this? I am right.

Three years ago, me and my younger cousin, Arjun, were goofing around in Orion Mall. We’re kids, we do that. At Shopper’s Stop over there, obviously we were bored by the grownups shopping like they had to decide between pink and yellow. Black, take black. It’s that simple.

My brother thought it’s going to be fun if he just screamed balls out, crying out for god-knows-who. While he did that, I did not stop him for reasons I don’t know. It seemed like a good idea. I did not join him, but I encouraged him to increase his decibels a little more so that the woman who just passed by like she’s more concerned about her falling off the skyscraper high heels, than about this kid who’s literally wanting her to take a look at this menace.

I know for sure that if it were Hubballi, that woman would not only take a look at Arjun, she’d start screaming balls out too. The one at the mall was a robot. Not all of them are. Strangely, there are humans who have managed to keep smiling like they can in this city.

I managed to still keep the flow, and we went on to taking rides around the shops in trolleys.

the trolley was too heavy for arjun

And, two years later, I am back here at Bengaluru to meet my friend Chaitanya, as it had been a long time since I did that. He is worth the pain of robots shagging you up and down the train of reality. After staying there, eating good food like it’s Sirsi at home, we went to Nando’s like we’re any Brahmins.

we’re not at the movie table no. 21, this is nando’s

KSI, you’re just very correct about them having the best chicken.

The next day, I called up Rajshekhar, who also happened to be in Bangalore. I went to meet him at Church Street, like we had just called each other to come down to Reddy Canteen in Hubli.

this is where rich kids vomit in bengaluru

We went to the Social, and sat down. Then, we got up and went to The Biere Club which was nearby. Got caught, and came back to our houses. See how you have no idea what we did. We did nothing wrong, unfortunately.


Those three or four days, were just not like most of 2018. I wanted to live, like a very few other days in that year. If happiness is defined by laughter, chicken, empty metro, trees and what not, then I was living it.

this building says “nmt” to other buildings nearby

Bengaluru’s fine, like my memory. What’s up with you?

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