There has been no better time for me to continue doing the Babble series. If you are new to Babble, you have nothing much to work on to understand this rocket-science. It is an online journal I maintain with only one rule: this journal need not be written daily unlike my personal journal. Even my personal journal,with the rules to be written daily, is not written daily.

Almost every civilization is hit by the Coronavirus disease. We all live under the COVID-19 alert by WHO. It is sad to see the level of preparedness for such outbreaks. We have been hit by something like this and yet we fail every time in saving many lives. When will there be an outbreak/pandemic where we know how to deal with it when it arrives? Never, in theory. Such outbreaks happen because of the virus being novel primarily. The global research begins when it starts creating the problems we see around us right now. But, we can be prepared for such outbreaks because the character of such outbreaks remains the same – chaos, panic, inadequate resources and ultimately the loss of many lives.

My daily life is revolving around this outbreak since we all Indians are locked down at their homes for 21 days. Until April 14, we are completely isolated with the physical world outside. I think this was much necessary for the families who lost connection among themselves. Also, to those who needed that discomfort to change themselves. This forced discomfort may not be easy – but, it adds to the discomfort. It adds to the changes one might wish to see in him/herself.

I think I might be doing this more frequently than ever. I started Babble to never advertise the online journal. However, you’ll be able to read this series regularly if you follow the blog, or just always in the Babble category.

Here’s to sanity and a lot of babbling!

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