I missed a day. On a good note, not many notice these breaks I call breaks when in reality they are just me forgetting consistently to write the babble.

I want a film on my phone. I am not sure how it will work. Although, I can tell you it won’t be as good because I just got denied of an edit on the video. I don’t like being denied an edit. It does not coincide with the process in any manner. I don’t understand why every clip on my timeline has to be at least 1s long when I have more control over the clip on these small screens in terms of precision with my fingers. Precision can still manage to get away on phones when it gets tiresome to achieve it. It gets easily tiring on small screens to achieve precision.

I am writing the characters for my feature screen-play. Looking at the process, I can confirm I haven’t done anything like this before.

Also, the next article for the blog is in process. It is about the placebo effect. Currently reading about sham surgeries. It is going to be awesome like always, I can tell.

Happy reading!

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