Babble will be my only thing in this blog I’ll look back at, in the future wondering if I hadn’t done it would I be living in this moment? Would it be possible if I had not forced myself of Babble to keep the momentum of this blog. It looks like the force might just kill this blog. But, there is this special cheat to Babbles where they don’t come with any kind of rules as I might have set for myself in keeping up with the blog. It is, ultimately, a ritual.

I am reading “When Breath Becomes Air” and it is just so true by the nature of it’s words. I want to achieve something like Paul has in terms of at least playing with the words – and yet, delivering the message. This play, in turn, delivers it so strongly because of the fact that the reader himself is doing it. I think it is safe to say I relate more to Paul Kalanithi, than to my words.

Paul’s love for writing has reminded me of mine. I wrote my story, well a part of it, in the hopes to complete the article by today and post it as a gift to the amazing writer. It’s his birthday. I just thought I had the courage to post that article, but it so happens that I won’t be doing it now. As I always wanted it to be like, it will be a film.

Happy birthday to the never dying spirit of Paul!

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