A Pair called Singleton

Zero on my screen
Maybe a one to your win
Shine on me clean
So, lies choose to win

Win will someone today
Mutter will your prey
Pray will Piqué
Wanting to stay

Shine on me clean
So, lies choose to win

Come Piqué, not here
We belong to the den
Washing the last sphere
Come will you when

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6 thoughts on “A Pair called Singleton

  1. You know it is rare that I take the time to read something more than once. But your story was so unfamiliar I was intrigued to understand it better, always love a mystery…thank you…

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  2. I believe that quality writing dances around a subject without specifically stating it. Nothing turns off an audience quicker than excessive details, repetition or stating the obvious. Creative writing finds a new way to say something we never would have considered. Of course, you already know that…

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