Eat. Sleep. Drink Elixir.

Tomorrow, there won’t be another day. It will be today.

In my previous post, I have written about how better I have felt about any moment when lived in it’s entirety. You can read it here. But, that would only mean to not read this one right now. You choose, like always there won’t be any consequences you are not entirely prepared for.

In my recent trips to the less explored Goa and the deeper Western Ghats, I have learnt more than just about our nature, the humanity and life itself. Done things never done before. And, lived like having done most of them well before this life began.

Climbing a forest like it is to rave. Drinking water from a stream. Burning with the stars. And, rocking on a chair not meant to be rocked.

To do the things unexpected, it does not require blessings from a divine tree, not a blot of acid, not a course, and not your instincts. But, only the thing you wish to do unexpectedly.

The chair rocks on its own.

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2 thoughts on “Eat. Sleep. Drink Elixir.

  1. I had an experience like this when I went on my first ever trek recently – and yes all the unexpected things like drinking from a stream, taking a walk across the isolated hills, drinking tea from a tiny tea stall, sleeping in tents under the beautiful starry sky, my first ever view of snowy mountains.. could go on and on! Thanks for the follow, and happy to make your acquaintance!

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