Placebo: The Friendly Drug Monopoly


Photo by Gustavo Fring

During a placebo surgery, also known as sham surgery, the doctors act like the patient’s body is being intervened. A fake surgery.

During a regular operation, the patient goes through all the steps. But, in a sham surgery, which are generally experimental, the doctors often omit the step which can be therapeutically approached.

Suppose the whole thing is an act, meaning the patient is given placebo drugs as a part of the treatment. To these inert drugs, a sham surgery might just be the analogy working blindly to the noble drugs themselves.

Although, many cases won’t work with a sham surgery. Your head-injury after falling terribly at a speed of 80km/h on your bike, most probably needs a real intervention – while all your other organs could be failing internally. It’s safe, for me, to keep on using the notions “most probably, suppose, often” and continue implying like even the doctors do – the uncertain life one could be living when hit rock-bottom. Mind or neurons.

But, there are a few certain ways for you to solve some of your existing problems. And, placebo could be one of those certain steps since it is not proven to not work all the time. Not proven to work all the time either.

That, is basically the cheating rope I hold onto for the article while I do a hand-stand in the air right here. No one really knows the placebo drugs as black and white. Although, a few cases have worked out finely when fake-surgeries were done. In fact, your doctor might just hand over a few placebo drugs when he/she thinks it will work or doesn’t really know what is causing the problems you describe.

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