Placebo: The Friendly Drug Monopoly


Placebo was not so popular in science until very recently a few studies found that if the results don’t mean “the medicines don’t work” they could point to the fact that “without medicines, it worked.”

Photo by Fillipe Gomes

These effects are very minimal. But, placebo does solve your anxiety and a few other issues with the mind. When the problems you describe are related to such issues, it’s very much a relief to know that a mindset hoping to get better will help. Many won’t easily have it, and a few of those who do, don’t really know if it’ll work. It does help you get better, say studies. The positivity proverbs now have a scientific approach getting treasure-points on the way. Winning.

What if placebo is the drug that can solve all your problems? It is the sweetest monopoly in potential. Like the world functions, there’s hardly any road away from hard-drugs nearby. The drug industry, will never compromise with it’s customer’s needs even if it means their death. Shaking my head.

Take Facebook, for example. No matter how many old users are inactive on the website, the company still manages to keep up with the business. Did I just say Facebook provides drugs? No. Or, did I say Facebook is a monopoly? No way.

“The mind is a powerful force. It can enslave us or empower us. It can plunge us into the depths of misery or take us to the heights of ecstasy. Learn to use the power wisely.”

― David Cuschieri

Image used in the Title: The Office | All other photos from Pexels

The Scranton Report | April 30th , 2020

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