Indian Space Adventures

It is not a National Space Day in India. In fact, we don’t have any such day to celebrate our success in the void of history we all can refer to now, as space for now is the future this void beholds. I love physics.

And, the coolest way for anyone to mingle with their friends, I suppose is talking about the stars in a way that baffles almost everyone. But, not forgetting laughter.

Maybe the figures themselves leaves us all thinking how small we are. Yet, we discover the unimaginable. I wanted to be a scientist, as I remember from school. And, later somehow wanted to be an engineer myself. It was not forced by my parents, this thought of becoming an engineer when the whole of India dreams the same.

As a kid, it was really a task to decide one. Scientist or engineer. So, here’s what I told myself – an Aerospace Engineer. I’ll get to do the work of both, the crazy scientist and on field (space, really) work like a man of technology. This, however was the number one priority. The next job, as I called it Plan B, was to be a photo-journalist.

I guess I am following the Plan C where it is pretty clear how unexpected a journey can be. Because, Plan C now has mostly all of it. And, I can’t just stick to a single dream as it might just end up getting destroyed. But, I don’t stop working for them to come true. It’s almost, a way of living I find the relief in.

It is a way in which our space agency works, here in India. You’ll not find sure shot hits here. You’ll find failures too. And, the ones you find thrilling are because of such failures. We are having a huge leap in this world through ISRO, the Indian representative in a world outside ours.

Recently, Chandrayaan 2 failed partially. Maybe because never was any mission like this tried before. It was a dream for the bigger ones. It still so happens that we have an orbiter and no clue about the lander. Vikram, as it is named, most probably collapsed right when the landing happened. The mood across the whole nation was done for the day, and no-one really knew how to react other than the scientists looking for the mistakes and as a nation, to march forward.

Such failures can be the analogy you
use for the ones in life.

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