Talking vs. Texting

Texting is a form of talking, sure. But, I personally feel it’s way too easy to mask your emotions while speaking over text. And, emotions are a vital element in talking and expressing what you feel.

Today, we might be feeling okay with some mishap someone did over the text. And, later the same day it feels like ‘not really’ and you have already forgiven the deed. Which is good, but only the honesty in it seems to be null. That, is not good. The same goes with apologizing too. It’s very easy to text your apologies than speaking over the phone. Forget doing it in person these days. In some cases, if you find it really hard to do the deed – texting helps. One of the smaller group of benefits.

It’s like the earth shivers with you for the mistake done. Chill pill, have one and float off. You have no idea how good it feels to do the things you do online in real life, off-the-screens.

Considering the pandemic we all live in, it is quite hard to do so. And, even if the harms of performing online seem to be frightening. It’s far better and even healthier than spreading the outbreak by aiding it.

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