A Glass Full of Empty

One gallon of water in one little container in the ocean of seas. So small, and yet so big to our bodies for a day. What do we compare our problems with? The others who have solved theirs and living their life. Or, to those having a harder time than us?

You can compare to any one of these. But, you can’t feel good because of it. Some might feel good looking at those with terrible times. And, it is a feeling I’d never want to feel at home with. I know that such comparisons are not only temporary, but clearly helpless to my situations – be whatever.

My point is, like ourselves – our problems are unique. But, there is always similarities. Looking at such similarities, it is only better not to compare. Just looking at them and if there’s anything to learn, I’ll grab my book and note my brain-cells of such information.

Our life unto now is nothing more than memory and what we make of these memories. Life ahead is nothing more than dreams. Repeating itself, now is all that really is.

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7 thoughts on “A Glass Full of Empty

    1. Oh, that’s nice. I don’t know what you’re talking about, because that’s possible. And, about mangoes. I love them, and wouldn’t want to force them onto me like my mom does. It’s sweet, anyways.


        1. As I’m writing this comment, she told her plans for the milkshake tomorrow. Guess the fruit. It’s not mango. We are having the milkshake of our life and yeah it’s mango.


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