Today, what do we know? Maybe you shouldn’t answer that.

It was good to go out and get some real air. Isn’t it strange that going out has become an affair of the year? It’s not new, it’s definitely not always cool these days. Weird that we are referring to the months apart from ‘these’ days.

I end up feeling a different kind of guilt or fear. I don’t know which one dominates. Fear or guilt. But, it is almost worth the sacrifice of feelings. I am not brave enough to be feeling these emotions for a long time. I don’t recommend going out. Many are wandering outside, and doing the addition to normalcy.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

If you’re not sure about going out, it’s better to remain home and do it only when you really want to. More importantly, only when you can.

Again, it’s just a suggestion.

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