Killing solitude

It’s hot out here, on my terrace. No, usually mornings are warm. This day has a different way of greeting us fellow humans. It makes no sense. Only until yesterday, I enjoyed the flaming tea in a not-so-flaming abode. Out in the open.

I like to start my days with the energy I need for the rest of it. And, my neighbor agrees today saying only but my words.

“The heat is abnormal today. It’s extremely troubling, right?”

“Yeah man, I don’t understand!”

Photo by Bob Clark

Clearly, my childhood had no such event where I hated the sun. For that matter, we played cricket without stopping a second under those scorching skies. Really, it was much better of a summer before.

And now it has come back, only to tell me how I’ve failed. How humanity has failed in keeping our sweet abode safer for ourselves. We are the ones who’ll even pay the dues. We are procrastinating like this is any assignment. But, I am sure it’s a test on our integrity.

To the Sun, I say, please don’t rage on my planet. It’s not responsible for what happened. It’s not responsible for what will happen. But, only me.

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