I feel numb, angry and helpless

News about George Floyd makes me feel a rush of emotions I find hard to explain. Much like the way it is hard to explain the feeling when everything in life seems to be fine.

About George, it is opposite to being content about life. About humanity.

Similar kind of brutality was seen in Delhi too, a few months back.

I realise that I should be doing something about such heinous acts done by someone we think is here to protect us from the same. Yet, I fail but write in fear of being a human.


George Floyd, you were a great man. You didn’t have to die this way. No one should have to face what you did. Not even the impotent pseudo white saviour of law who killed you. I don’t know what these words mean to you anymore, but try to forgive humanity. And, don’t forgive humanity if that is what’s right.

In a way, you have set the motion for a better society. And, what is better? Yes, we humans will always fail to understand. Fail to do. Fail to live. Fail to be.

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