That’s the name given to the current cyclone hitting the western coast of India. More specifically, it is a calamity given the name with many meanings. In Kannada, my mother-tongue, it means nature. I am sure that not a single cyclone I’m aware of has such a beautiful name and at the same time fitting the disaster’s behaviour. In Bengali, it means universe. In Hindi, it means ‘to leave.’

I guess we try to calm ourselves by naming such disasters in their sweetest form. We always look for the better. And, this is the nature’s call. Nisarga’s.

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Imagination has a boundary. And, I can't imagine it.

5 thoughts on “Nisarga

    1. We don’t stop battling with the miseries. It is making us stronger, but also very tired. This is more of a global issue than just India and people don’t really see it this way because of the forgotten sense of being global and together as humans. Thank you, Sue. You’re awesome 😀

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      1. Agreed! Hopefully the virus will bring more attention to more things worldwide which have long needed our attention, but have gone unnoticed or ignored. All the best!


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