How the internet can be a better place?

What is the latest ground-breaking technology? Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, or Blockchain. All of these are ground-breaking? But, only one is new.


I find it unbelievable to actually have a solution to maintaining integrity on the internet without having to trust someone. I mean, it’s hard to see not getting cheated on the web for something good you do. One can get fooled here if care is not taken when they perform on the internet. That should not be the case at all.

Even Reddit says how this was not the way internet felt like. Where, people believe in scamming advertisements very easily and get hooked on a hoax of money-making strategies. It was more of a collaborative space where people got to genuinely share their work and in exchange to their work they’d not only receive the audience but also the sense of integrity and trust over money.

Nowadays, it has mostly become way more commercial to put a music-cover than before. This singer’s favourite thing to do is sing. And, for her to remain sure of her talent she shouldn’t have to believe just in the traffic she receives. She needs her own voice and feedback worth it.

With Blockchain, there is a way to do this. Without having a centralized system – blockchain helps the users of this technology maintain a sense of uniqueness among their own peers. A place where no single authority gets to decide any kind of tiers to get benefits. No one here underhandedly gets to decide what you make out your talent or the value to it. Cryptocurrency.

Money, friends, opportunities, deals etc. It’s up to you how many you make any of these.

A few are not aware of this. Hoping that you are now. It’s new and a lot of work is to be done. Also people, do you want me to write more about blockchain and it’s technical parts? What is your favourite piece of art? What talents do you have? What talents are you not sure about? Comment and let’s talk!

I know about Blockchain, but not much. I mean, I don’t know as much as the website Coindesk. You’ll find almost everything you need to know about the tech.

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