Why create on the internet?

I just published my first episode on Involuntary Comfort. It’s a podcast where stories are the source of life. Not necessarily fiction. In future episodes we’ll be expecting guests from around the world.

I’m looking for feedback, so please comment what you think about this pilot episode. Thank you for listening!

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3 thoughts on “Why create on the internet?

  1. I found your podcast. Since I am using this Transcription service by Google these days most of my blog posts are actually podcasts only minus my voice. I am curious about your surname. Is it a family name in the South India ? Since I have stayed in Bangalore and worked with a few colleagues who are from Karnataka your accent was something I expected it to be. The reason why I took interest in your podcast is simple. We have been interacting in the comments section of our blogs. I hope your podcast journey becomes more joyous and fruitful in days to come.


  2. You are my first podcast. For some reason, listening to podcasts has never really appealed to me, maybe because I’m more of a visual learner. Maybe because I had to listen too much in school?! But, I thought that you presented yourself well and I look forward to hearing from you how it goes.

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    1. Yeah, even when I started listening to podcasts it feels too lengthy. Because, what we are expecting is a music as our only way of listening to such audio has been songs for so long now that radio has become less popular. We need the patience in listening back to our ears. Thank you so much, Sue. Means a lot to me 😀

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