To be or not to be

The greatest risk I haven’t taken in my life seems to be invisible. Maybe because I don’t know what would likely scare me away from doing it. This is partially because of my hard time two years ago.

What happened two years ago, fortunately, has been the unimaginable hard time I had in mind. I lived like nothing worse can happen.

And, it definitely was very true given the kind of horror I had become for myself.

With that kind of hardship already behind my life, I don’t really know what to fear anymore. In a funny way, that is the fear. Not knowing what might be the biggest risk I’d have to take just defines how little I might know about the scare factor in me.

However, when I am facing the biggest risk of my life – I am bound to believe and remind how I went through a hard time before. ‘This one’s different but not impossible.’ will be the way to deal with most of what is to come.

At the same time, it’s different and that does not mean any less challenging. This is mainly because of the risks I took before. Many don’t turn out fine or even remotely helpful. It goes on to prove that risks are not bad. But, when they give back – you have everything you need.

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