Is there a theme to this blog?

To make your blog popular, the first suggestion bloggers give is to have a “theme” to which readers will have a magnetic effect. Why would someone want to read your blog? And, when they do read, why should that person return the next day?

But, my question is a little consequential, why would you want your blog to be popular?

To me, having a popular blog does not mean good content. And, even good content does not mean a popular blog. Now, in my case, I prefer to work towards “good content” no matter how many thousands think otherwise. This is the sense I believe in, otherwise I would have a theme already for my blog. Except for the fact that there is story-telling, I don’t think my blog has ANY common theme across these articles.

If having fun is a theme, I’ve set that to myself and the blog. I’ll try to make sense out of this – and only if it means good to my writing. Otherwise, we’ll stick to watching Rick and Morty.

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4 thoughts on “Is there a theme to this blog?

  1. I agree with you. I write because I want to… if my audience agrees or likes it, that’s great, and if not, it’s still my thoughts and it’s still okay to put them out there. Authenticity is key, I think. Be true to yourself and the rest shall follow. And definitely have fun! Life is too short.


  2. I think that too strictly adhering to a “theme” throttles creativity. I do follow some that only write about one thing, but they are not the ones I read everyday, comment on, and enjoy the most. We are consumers as well as producers.

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