My day begins with the colour green

Ikigai was definitely the right kind of book for me to read during this quarantine. Given the fact that it talks about longevity and happiness, it also speaks about solitude, living with the nature and just being solely dependent on nothing but the moment. During one page, I read about this woman who starts her day by going to her garden.

Yes, the first thing she does after waking up is working on her plants. I applied this to my day. I try to do this every day. Going to my small patch of plants in the house and try to indulge the greenery to my eyes. It is definitely making me follow the day in a different and positive perspective given the distance we find in humans and nature.

There’s a watermelon growing and I find it motivating knowing that I planted this fruit. There’s no real control over these plants and yet they thrive and never fail to bring me smiles.

Talking to the plants is not yet my thing. But, my mom finds it a task so easy to do. Maybe she learnt from her life that plants listen unlike everyone else. It gives this kind of impermanent relationship with the nature that you go on to think about the strangest questions you ever asked.

Living with the plants gives me joy I can’t describe, but show. Look at this beauty:

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4 thoughts on “My day begins with the colour green

  1. I love that you now start your day amongst your plants. One summer we managed to get a watermelon out of our garden as well. It was a hot, dry season unlike the one we are having now, but it was so neat to watch its journey to ripeness. Enjoy!!!

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    1. I just hope the giant rats (unaware of a better word for English) don’t kill the fruit. Have heard stories about this happening around my house with their fruits. And, also the mayhem last season this rat made in our garden.


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