History is not about the past

As much as we’d like the past to remain in it’s own timezone, we still believe in memory way too much. Now, when this memory gets to be a collective force for the planet – we usually term this phenomenon as history. Or, the subject which I could barely remember writing my Social Science exam in 10th standard of High School. However, I do remember most of what this subject was trying to tell. It’s about the mistakes, achievements and reforms.

Purely the best evidence for our evolution as human beings.

This evidence would seize to exist beyond the timeline of homo-sapiens. Because, before that there must have been the concept of memory but not ‘history’ which is usually the recording of this memory onto a physical entity.

This physical entity later on thrives in the lives to come after the event. Some are written in the future. Written like you were living even now suffering or achieving whatever part of the human history this mankind finds interesting to itself be a part of these physical entities. Hell, we even use it in the present-tense telling how we are making history. That’s it. It’s not a record about the past. It is the past.

Sometimes, ruining our present. Most of the times, a part of this journey no one dares to claim having a clue about.


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3 thoughts on “History is not about the past

  1. Certainly we are making history now with the pandemic, aren’t we?! My mom had told me to document it all, but I think are some parts of this all that I would rather forget in truth.

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    1. Yes sure. But, we are mostly trying to live way too much ahead of our time right now thinking about how this history would look like. It’s better if we live in the now more.

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