The old man’s potion

He walked his dog around the colony all day long. A silver jewelry covered the half of his face. And, his lips were barely visible from this beard burying them inside of what I saw as jewelry. No one asked why this stranger was here. He too never bothered anyone. A fairly strange experience with a stranger is to never bother. But, it was peculiar to watch someone walk like that every day. Be it any age. This man never stopped walking from Krishna’s house on the first cross to my house which is where the colony ends.

On days like Saturday he’d go past our abode to the supermarket that comes three Goan buildings after the colony.

The dog never barkingly scared any kid and that’s probably why it was named Snoopy. But then again, no one ever asked the man it’s name. No one ever cared to know what this man or the dog were all about. Maybe one day this man will give me the secret potion to save me from the questions this world asks me. Questions I never willingly want to answer.

Why do you want to know? What joy does it give you? Please bring me a Snoopy.


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