The Highway Rendezvous

Me and Abhijeet were on the way to this highway joint to meet another friend from a nearby city. It’s called 7 Beans and this cafe is not that far from anywhere. A twenty kilometre ride on the national-highway (also known as the longest road in India) which falls between Pune and Bengaluru with green fields to give your eyes that regular treat. Now, this being the case of the road’s situation, it amounts to a lot of traffic at intersections which are placed near cities. To shift your routes majorly.

At one such intersection, on taking a left-turn the bike was put to it’s ultimate test for that week. Abbya took a bend unlike the regular one. Because, this time the bike actually touched the road which seizes for the bend to be one and forwards it to an accident. We literally slid from this side of the intersection to the pavement on the other side.

It was in slow-motion that I saw everything happening still sitting in the position we were riding. There’s nothing we could do but sit and watch the scene ourselves.

Now, what I found funny was we were watching the whole accident happening while we were a part of it. A moment of bad luck and another vehicle taking a turn, we would have faced some serious damage like death etc. And the crucial part is we would know before anything happened, but can’t do nothing. We were laughingly having the (luckily) safest accident ever. We slid and slid until the pavement ended the bike’s visible inertia.

That’s when we burst into laughter unlike pussies.


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