The other side of a black hole

Our life is very much like the uncertain (currently invalid) concept of singularity. It must be a thoughtful decision to consider it exists, but mostly no one knows what it means to be so. No one has been, that I know of, to the other side of a black hole. But, we all do live our lives on this side and I want to suggest an analogy for our uncertainty to the concept of singularity. If it all there are definitions to make it’s existence true – then, what might be said false about what we already know?

Now, this comes out of know surprise to someone close to science that we don’t know much and we do know more than before. Our knowledge itself is growing rapidly given the idea of it’s storage too. This progress is only a matter of time and not physical value itself.

Beginning of the last century, we didn’t know the existence how two bodies’ speed could be relatively compared to their physical existence. Einstein happened, and now here we are questioning the very existence of what may not even be a matter of truth or false – the other side of a black hole. This keeps telling me how one day we might just get to know more than we already do. Hopefully the ‘might’ of this statement seizes to exist and not the interest in finding more about our universe.

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