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Maybe it was not Michael who made me wonder about our world and beyond. It was mostly myself and what happened to me that played a role, if not more important. It tingles me to know how good and influential Michael has been to the way I wonder about science. You see, science is meant to be fun. He proves it with the kind of subtle dad-jokes here and there. Even better, he’ll hit you with the facts to which you have to become twenty years younger to react properly.

Everytime you watch him become a child along with you asking the questions, you realise how scientifically forward and mature those doubts are. If at all maturity could be measured by age, I am sure it means nothing to the correctness of it. What is correct is not necessarily true, and I believe we may never find out.

Here’s to more questions and here’s to more stupid experiments which will one day prove to be of time and ourselves.

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