Hello readers, a short note!

First of all, how are you?

Good to be back. It’s been so long since I wrote on the blog. But, not really that long.

I am happy to say that I’ve managed to do good with my job hunt. I can focus on my blog with all the attention it needs. While I was gone, I’ve been reading, writing a little, and trying to create something now and then – ultimately not being able to.

To be honest, creating something without this blog in my hands is a little hard to accomplish. Maybe the reason to that is how the blog gives me a sense of closure totally unnecessary. I’ll take it anyway. A good closure.

I hope to continue with the same energy of writing (during the lockdown, me an my friends on WordPress did it the crazy-good way) but not as continuously as before. Don’t be mistaken, I said “not continuously as before” but I’ll be writing consistently, and this means I need a rhythm to get back to.

That’s why, this short notice.

The blog is transforming it’s theme from being a series of stories (filled with uncertainty, not that I hate it), articles on technology, poems about the sky and much more to something that gives it an identity far beyond the notions of certainty – books.

I’ll be reading (have been) books, in search for all the things I want to talk about to my reader, you.

So, in truth, we are far from loss here to what existed before of this blog. We’ll be getting deeper with my exploration, bolder with our talks, fancier with the skies and also a tiny bit wiser than yesterday. We’ll be talking about books, to put it plain.

Books are, without a doubt, one of the finest achievements we have been able to savour from. In this pleasure that lies within the realms of reading, we are open to the possibilities of an endless stream of perspectives – from the author who wrote the book to the self that lies within ourselves.

It is my passion to explore what seems to bring joy and anticipation, to look for what lies beyond myself. Join me on my journey by reading and commenting about the blog. Together, we can build a community that thrives on the good and the bad of our lives as humans.

PS: My eyes and ears are wide open for suggestions, recommendations and my tummy is for Samosas.

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